Bozebeats is a manga series written and illustrated by Ryōji Hirano. It is based on the Boze one-shot, and the first chapter was released on January 15th, 2018.


Religious monks adapted to modern technology and weaponry to combat the threat of demons. Ryudaiji, a monk who's on a journey to locate and purge a demon spirit, that is terrorizing a forest which was notorious to be a place where people commit suicide, meets a wolf boy, Tamaki Madoka, and his wolf companion. Things starts to develop between the two after an encounter with a tree demon spirit as Tamaki decides to go to the outside world to learn more about his past.


  • Tamaki Madoka: The main protagonist of the series. Originally living in a forest with a pack of wolves, he is eventually found by Ryudaiji and taken to Tokyo to find out his identity.
  • Ryudaiji: A supporting character of Bozebeats. He is Madoka's mentor and a monk who is part of the group named Boze. He is well respected among his peers.
  • Hagakure Hiroichi: A supporting character of Bozebeats. He accompanies Madoka to Tokyo as per Ryudaiji's request. Despite being seen as weak, he means well.

List of Chapters

This is the list of manga chapters.

Chapter Name Chapter Number
Tamaki 1
Route 2
Full Throttle at Tokyo Ring Road 3
Underground 4
Scramble 5
The Strength of the Heart 6
You Are Not Worth Praying For 7
Foster Parent 8
The Evil Spirit Raid (Part I) 9
The Evil Spirit Raid (Part II) 10
The Evil Spirit Raid (Part III) 11
The Evil Spirit Raid (Part IV) 12
The Conclusion 13
Madoka 14